The Soulistics are unique in that our instrumentalists and vocalists are a true 9-piece band.

We meet to practice at least twice every month to ensure that we deliver a well-rehearsed, polished show, while many other party ‘bands’ get formed on the fly by an agent just to meet the booking requirement.

When booking *any* band, always be sure to ask this question or you may regret it!

The Soulistics’ show is slick, punchy and customizable too, with options for you to help determine a set list and choose which of several outfits you would prefer us to wear – have a look at the options below and let us know which you’d prefer.

If you need to get a special person up to sing a chorus or show off a famous family dance move, we can help make that part of an evening get as much attention as it deserves 😉

“We could not be happier with the professionalism”
John, groom

No backing tracks

No-backing-tracksSeveral bands today employ a backing track. Have you ever wondered where that synthesizer part is coming from when no one seems to be playing? Well, that will be because the band is playing along with a recording. When booking a band, make sure you ask them that, too.

The Soulistics is committed to being a 100% live act, which is why Adam, our keyboardist, synthesist and samplist extraordinnaire, spends hours ensuring that more of our demanding modern music is still played completely live from his keyboard rig.

Why pay money for glorified karaoke? We believe live music should be live and we want to keep it that way.


Outfit options

The Soulistics, best wedding band in Utah in formal attireWe know how important it is that your special day is planned perfectly, even down to the outfit the band wears – which is why we offer several outfit choices.

We have coordinated Formal and Revue looks and more of a casual Club look to choose from. If you want us to blend in with the crowd, the Formal look might be the way to go, if you want more of a show then perhaps the Revue look, or if you want us to look like ‘the band’, the Club look could be best.

More details here…


Sound system included

wedding-bandIf required, The Soulistics provide a full, modern, high-quality sound system capable of filling most wedding reception venues, meaning you don’t need to find additional vendors to supply the PA. We also provide access to microphones for speeches at no extra cost.

Depending on the size and location of the venue, we may either bring our own equipment which is included free of charge in any quote, or for larger venues recommend working with one of our regular outside sound system companies. No matter which is the more appropriate, we will take care of all logistics, with a site visit if appropriate to ensure we provide the best quality sound for the show.



“Working with The Soulistics was a pleasure”
Jessica, bride